7 Day Kickstart Offer


Even if you have more than 10 lbs to lose, this 7 DAY KICKSTART will help you get started… fast.

The Plan is Simple, Effective and Proven and will give you the tools to kickstart your fat loss and keep burning fat EVEN after the first seven days.

Each day, for the next 7 days, I’ll show exactly what you you need to do to start burning the fat and uncovering your ideal body. No guessing and no gimmicks. You’ll get the same insider fat-loss secrets that I personally use, and that I share with my 1-on-1 clients in my gym to get lean and ripped. You’ll finally be in control of your fat loss and on your way to your ideal body.

The 7 DAY KICKSTART is NOT a GET JACKED plan. I’ve constructed it so that you can do the workouts at home or in the gym. There’s absolutely no equipment required and, the best part is the workouts are scaled so no matter your fitness level, you have the ability to complete it.

The program INCLUDES ALL 3 Key Pillars FOR SUCCESS

When you finally know exactly how to get all three pillars working together, you can achieve phenomenal results in record time. You can finally Build Your Ideal Body.

The 7 DAY KICKSTART takes out all the guess work. Each day you get your game plan – a game plan that includes exactly what you need from each pillar THAT day. Then the next day, we do it again. Follow my plan to the letter, and I can guarantee you’ll begin moving the needle even on the most stubborn fat like love handles.

When you choose to download the 7 DAY KICKSTART NOW, I’ll include my 3 Favorite Ab Finishers as a BONUS. These challenging finishers, designed to be done at the end of your workout, will amp up both core strength and core stabilization.


All In this Guide:

  • Kickstart Nutrition Manual – Everything that you need over the next 7 Days to kickstart your metabolism and start the process of losing body fat.
  • Kickstart Workout Protocol – Challenging bodyweight workouts that will crush calories and get your body pumped. These are hard but are perfect for firing all muscle groups and getting your central nervous system activated.
  • Kickstart Supplement Guide – Emphasis is strictly on the supplements that you need to OPTIMIZE your health and get your body primed for fat loss. Plus, you’ll receive a supplement schedule of WHEN you should be taking your supplements daily.


BONUS: 3 Killer Ab Finishers

 ALL FOR JUST $47 $7

This program is designed FOR GUYS looking to lose 10+ pounds. However, if you have less to lose, this program will STILL provide you with exactly what I do, and what I do with my clients on a daily basis. And I don’t know about you, but for me, any extra fat, even a pound or two, is enough reason to engage the 7 DAY KICKSTART!


All information is for general health purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.



My name is Dave Dreas, and I own Arizona Training Lab in Phoenix, AZ and DaveDreas.com. Both of these platforms allow me to help my clients build their ideal bodies through my three pillar approach of the right nutrition the right workouts and the right supplementation… for you.

Prior to helping my clients achieve their Ideal Body, I was a former Division 2 All-American Basketball Star. Since I’ve been in the fitness industry, I’ve landed multiple covers and spreads, starred on Season 2 of the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer Reality show, and I’m currently a Reebok Athlete. I’ve seen a lot in my years in this industry, and I know what it take be successful.

Constant learning and improving are the keys to your success.
It’s just a matter of when you want to get started.



You will also get my
3 Killer Ab Finishers.

It’s yours FREE if you order today.

Get Started on the IDEAL BODY
7 Day Kickstart Program

For ONLY $47 $7 Today


If It’s That good why is it only $7?

It’s not actually. The program is actually $47. But I’m giving you a special price of $7 today and today only for 2 reasons….

1. I want as many people as possible to get this information. It’s cheaper than a fast food meal and it will provide you with 10x more value.

2. If your willing to invest $7 I know you will take this process seriously.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. If you follow the protocol and put in the work, you will kickstart your metabolism, develop better habits, lose 5-10+ lbs, and be on your way to building your ideal body.

I’m very excited for you to get started. As always, never hesitate to ask me questions on my social channels. This is a great kickstart and I’m glad you trust me to help you get started on building your ideal body.

-Dave Dreas

P.S. Focus on small, positive changes, habits, rituals, right thinking, and routines everyday. Change your mindset. You are a person who can and will succeed.

Truly believe in yourself.